IDE to Write, Analyze, Tuning, Debug MDX efficiently

  • Code auto-completion
  • Code snippet library
  • Measure definition & reassignment formula collection
  • SQL for depended basic measure(s)
  • MDX Profile collection parallel

Six Key Features

MDX Auto Complete
MDX Auto-Complete

Quick to write, MDX Helper prompts & completes the Cube objects while typing.

MDX Snippets

By adding your own code snippets in the library, and type less code to meet your request.

MDX Trace
MDX Trace

Monitor the MDX query event parallel during run the query for performance tuning purpose.

MDX Formula collection
MDX Formula collection

Collect the definition & reassignment code for selected measure and depended measures.

SQL code for depended measures

Generate SQL query of depended core measure for issue debug.

MDX Formatting
MDX Format/Parse

Format the typed mdx, and analyze it with a suggestion on performance purpose.